Virtual Field Trips on Steroids

Bringing Curriculum to Life with the Expeditions App  Google Expeditions

Google has done it again. They’ve raised the bar and taken virtual field trips to a whole new level.  You can purchase the entire Google Expeditions Kit with a device for each student, but it’s extremely expensive.  Teachers rarely have that type of budget!  However, you could always write a grant or use sites like to get your project funded.

See the beginnings of grant writing hereGrant Proposal Outline       The Beginnings of a Grant


Google Expeditions at Best Buy

  • 30 students = $10,000
  • 20 students = $7,000
  • 10 students = $4,000

Pros: The phone screen splits in two, and feeds a slightly different image to the left and right eyes which gives the 3D effect. The accelerometers in the phone detect movement as you move your head around and adjust the view – so you can look all around, above and below you.  The overall effect is an amazingly immersive experience. Children could quickly be transported to another part of the world, and describe their experiences to the rest of the class.

Cons: The drawback of this technology is that it’s a single user experience – you are going to need lots of these devices to work with a whole class and costwise that’s probably out of the reach of schools right now. But using with small groups, rotating use through a lesson, could be an option.


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