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Ensuring excellence and equity among students is a common concern for teachers across all grade levels. Equity refers to the principle of fairness; however, being fair is not always as easy as it sounds for educators. Equity sticks are commonly used to keep students engaged, ensure we are calling on each student rather than a selected few and making students responsible for their own learning. “Equity” takes away the judgment of the individual teacher when determining which student to call on in class. It allows for random selection. In today’s wonderful world of technology “cool tools,” popsicle sticks are a thing of the past. Decision-making on a larger scale can be accomplished with an app called “Decide Now.”
As you can see in the image to the right, I have used “Decide Now!” to input my entire class roster. One spin of the wheel and a student is randomly selected! “Decide Now” doesn’t just allow you to input the names of students in your class and make it easier to randomly select a student to answer in a fun and engaging way, but it can be used for reinforcement ideas, as a “prize wheel,” for classroom jobs, for trivia game topics, to choose partners, centers, the ideas are honestly endless! In an effort to be fair, “Decide Now” makes it easier than ever.
In essence, it is an extremely easy to use app based on a wheel of choices similar to “Wheel of Fortune”. You can input choices and name spinners along with picking color options. Using your document camera you can display the wheel on the board and excite the students as they anxiously wait to see the decision that is made. As a method for breaking up the monotony, this app offers a great way to break from the routine.

This program:
• Works on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
• Requires iOS 4.3
• Allows teachers to establish equity in their classrooms in an engaging way using an alternative method
• Provides customization of labels
• Attach to a projector with a VGA connector and create a whole class activity
• Adds chance and excitement to once tedious tasks

Image Citation:
Catforce Studio (2014) Decide Now (Version 1.6)
Retrieved from!/id383718755?mt=8


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