Using Current Events in the Classroom to Create Globally Aware Students

FIRST, get your students excited about studying current events! Giving them a folder with a catchy cover page (see below) or making a booklet with this cover and recording pages can peek their interest!

current events book cover page

current events book cover page

SECOND, make sure your students have access to digital print or current events via newspapers, magazines, or TV. Many of my students didn’t have a computer at home last year or they had one, but didn’t know how to properly use it.  Therefore, when I would tell them to go to, they wouldn’t properly navigate about the page and because of MY poor assumptions, the quality of work was not what I expected.

THEREFORE, it is important to provide students with resources about HOW to access these current events and WHERE to access them OR time to find an article during class/at recess so that they can properly summarize the article and point out the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY and HOW.

Below is an example of a short tutorial I gave my students:

current event links

Here are some wonderful links that you can print out and give to students (4 copies per page). They can glue it into their agenda book or keep it on their fridge.  Even putting a copy by the computer would be helpful.

current events and news links

Use the link below to see how I assess student’s current event write up. This rubric helped me easily, quickly, but accurately score them even though every current event was different.

current event rubric


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