The New ISTE Standards for Students (2016)

ISTE Standards for Students, 2016 – click here to download the new standards.

The ISTE conference was held in Denver from June 26th to the 29th to refresh the standards for students.  714 people from 52 countries (including 295 students) participated in the effort to refresh the ISTE Standards.  The voices of those nearly 300 students are perhaps the most innovative part of the 2016 student standards. After all, when empowering students emerged as a core theme in the refresh, ISTE knew that it could not release the 2016 standards without getting students’ input! Many people thought the standards from 2007 were still relevant, however, ISTE saw a need for the standards to reflect not only the current state of education, but also and its future.

Here’s why these standards are more appropriate: 

  1. Empowered students are prepared for the future.
  2. Human life is no longer solely digital or physical – it’s a hybrid.
  3. It’s about the teaching, not the tools.
  4. Being a global citizen is no longer optional.
  5. Students care about their lives and learning, and the role of technology within both.



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