Why High Techspectations?

This is the post excerpt.

Elon Musk. Thomas Edison. Steve Jobs. Alexander Graham Bell. Mark Zuckerberg. Albert Einstein. The Wright Brothers. Bill Gates. Marie Curie

What do all these people have in common? According to writer for the New Yorker andbestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell, innovators, pioneers, and trailblazers are all “obsessive characters.” They fixate on questions or issues and incessantly work to solve it. He says, “They take something that had been a feature of a closed, marginalized community and they make it accessible to everyone else.”innovation

Innovation is the process of creating something new that makes life better. Innovation is impossible without passion. Innovators see the world differently.

As educators, we are all innovators. Being innovative in our planning, implementation and reflection must become “part of the job” no matter what. Technology is redefining every aspect of the world today. Acording to EdTech magazine, “The technologies of tomorrow are already being tested in classrooms today, laying the seeds for the future of how students could learn.” Read the full article here.

Follow up ReadingClick here to read the Big Think article on leaders and innovators taking risks, the fear of failure, and “disruptive innovation.”

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